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The Lord of the World

By: Robert Hugh Benson

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Lord Of The World is the thrilling novel by Robert Hugh Benson, written in 1907 but set in the early twenty-first century, telling a story of global upheaval, religious persecution, the coming of the Antichrist, and the final stand of the Western, Christian world.



Robert Hugh Benson’s masterpiece The Lord of the World is in a word….Prophetic

Originally published in 1907 it depicts a world where relativism has triumphed over objectivity; a world where, in the name of tolerance, religious doctrine is not tolerated.

It is a world where euthanasia is practiced widely and religion hardly practiced at all.

The lord of this nightmare world is a benign-looking politician intent on power in the name of "peace", and intent on the destruction of religion in the name of "truth".

Author Dale Ahlquist said it best….”whether or not Monsignor Benson’s picture of our future is accurate, the fact is his picture of our present is chillingly accurate.”

Recommended by Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis, The Lord of the World is a must read. 


Product Code CB409
Topic Classics
Format Hardcover Book
Pages 432
Publisher Catholic Answers Press
Author Robert Hugh Benson

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