20 Answers Series Sampler (Books)

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This Sampler includes 1 each of all 41 Titles:

  • 20 Answers: Angels & Demons
  • 20 Answers: Death & Judgment
  • 20 Answers: Divorce & Remarriage
  • 20 Answers: Mary
  • 20 Answers: God
  • 20 Answers: Salvation
  • 20 Answers: The Eucharist
  • 20 Answers: The Papacy
  • 20 Answers: Scripture & Tradition
  • 20 Answers: Jehovah's Witnesses
  • 20 Answers: Islam
  • 20 Answers: Mormonism
  • 20 Answers: Atheism
  • 20 Answers: Abortion
  • 20 Answers: The Real Jesus
  • 20 Answers: End of Life Issues
  • 20 Answers: Faith & Science
  • 20 Answers: Miracles
  • 20 Answers: The Bible
  • 20 Answers: The Sacraments
  • 20 Answers: Witchcraft & the Occult
  • 20 Answers: Apparitions & Revelations
  • 20 Answers: The Church
  • 20 Answers: The Reformation
  • 20 Answers: Homosexuality
  • 20 Answers: Bible Prophecy
  • 20 Answers: Bible Difficulties
  • 20 Answers: Judaism
  • 20 Answers: Bioethics
  • 20 Answers: Marriage & Sex
  • 20 Answers: The Early Church
  • 20 Answers: The Old Testament
  • 20 Answers: Conversion
  • 20 Answers: The New Testament
  • 20 Answers: Protestantism
  • 20 Answers: Eastern Catholicism
  • 20 Answers: Prayer
  • 20 Answers: Faith & Reason
  • 20 Answers: Catholic Social Teaching
  • 20 Answers: Faith & Works
  • 20 Answers: New Age

 They can also all be ordered individually in bulk at great discounts

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17 Reviews

  • 5
    20 Answers

    Posted by Peggy Biby on Oct 5th 2020

    I ordered the complete set for my 16 grandchildren as ammo when they are in college for discussions on faith!

  • 5
    Very informative, well-written

    Posted by Gabriel Dionisi on Sep 14th 2020

    These little books contain so much valuable information inside a small package. The answers are so relevant and the writing is easy to read and digest. Whether you're an expert in Theology or a newbie, these books have something valuable for everyone.

  • 5
    Great Answers

    Posted by Sean on Sep 14th 2020

    This is a great set to help you on your apologetics journey. I find myself learning the truth about our Catholic faith as I learn about others.

  • 5

    Posted by osbaldo gonzalez on Sep 11th 2020

    Very accessible and easy to read. I love how the questions are presented. The references are awesome.

  • 5

    Posted by Rami Kina on Sep 11th 2020

    Thank you so much to all Catholic Answer apologist. the books were very interesting for me. God bless you.

  • 5
    Amazing and easy to read books!

    Posted by Franky Segovia on Jul 28th 2020

    I just received these books about 2 days ago, and I'm surprised with what the books hold. This offer is totally worth the price. Also, these books are really easy to read and understand. I would encourage Catholics and non-Catholics to buy this!

  • 5
    Birthday Gift

    Posted by Maria O’Donnell on Mar 30th 2020

    I surprised my husband on his birthday with these books and he really loved it. #bestGiftEver!

  • 5
    20 Answers series

    Posted by Alberto on Mar 23rd 2020

    These booklets are amazing. The explanations are thorough and quite enlightening. I would recommend these to Christians and non-Christians alike. May God bless these authors and all the staff at Catholic Answers.

  • 5
    Excellent, clearly written, orthodox Catholic apologetics

    Posted by Brad Jolly on Mar 13th 2020

    I haven't finished the whole set yet, but the ones I've read have been excellent! The books are short (typically around 60-70 pages) and the questions flow in a logical order. The material is very orthodox in its Catholicism, and most of the books have a decent number of endnotes for those who want to do further reading. The only quibble that I have is that the graphic image on the web site shows just 20 books, and this is sort of confusing. There are, in fact, 38 books.

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