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Get Our 3 Newest Titles From Spring 2021:

  • A Teacher of Strange Things by Cy Kellett: Cy takes you on a journey of discovery, helping you see with fresh eyes the once-familiar Jesus Christ. If you are a seeker, you will rethink everything you took for granted about him. If you are his follower, you will come to love him with new and greater zeal.
  • Real Religion by Fr. Jeff Kirby: In Real Religion, How to Avoid False Faith and Worship God in Spirit and Truth, popular preacher and professor Fr. Jeffrey Kirby cuts through misguided modern notions—idols, really—about God and religion and takes you back to the foundation for true worship: God’s revelation about himself. There’s no secret formula; God has laid out all the answers for us. From his very first contact with his chosen people in the Old Testament, to his loving guidance throughout salvation history, to the culmination of his revelation in Jesus Christ, God shows us what religion is supposed to be like—and how to make the practice of it a lifelong virtue in our lives.
  • Always a Catholic by Fr. Sebastian Walshe: There are lots of Catholic parenting books promising results with this or that system or trick. But although it contains solid practical counsel, Always a Catholic reminds us that keeping our kids in the Faith (or helping them get back to it) is more than a matter of technique. Above all, it’s about the way we live out Catholicism—in our own lives and as a family—from day to day. Fr. Walshe gives you the principles—drawn from Catholic teaching, truths of human nature, and the best habits of successful Catholic families—that you need to transmit the joy and confidence that will keep your kids in the Faith for life. The world and the devil don’t stand a chance!
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