An Evangelical Discovers the Catholic Faith (Digital)

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Sacred Tradition, the Eucharist, and Mary: Typically the three great stumbling blocks for Protestants first encountering the fullness of the faith in the Catholic Church. One-time Evangelical Protestant Mark Shea experienced those impediments firsthand before his conversion to Catholicism.

Now a well-respected defender of the Catholic Faith, Shea brings to bear on these subjects both knowledge acquired from extensive study and insight gained through his personal journey of faith.

An Evangelical Discovers the Catholic Faith clarifies some of these key objections: Shea skillfully explains how and why Sacred Tradition occupies a central role in divine revelation and explains the doctrine of the Real Presence in terms accessible to Evangelical Protestants, going through many of the Protestant objections and misconceptions about what the Catholic teaching really is. He then positively and convincingly constructs the Catholic case for the theological underpinnings of the four Marian dogmas in Scripture and tradition, and discusses the peculiar effects that the denial of these dogmas have on orthodox Christian faith.

More than just a conversion story, An Evangelical Discovers the Catholic Faith breaks down barriers with Protestants and clarifies misconceptions in an easy-to-understand language that comes from walking in their shoes.

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MP3, 160 minutes
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