Catholic Answers Live TV: Season 1

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Catholic Answers Live TV: Season 1 contains all ten original episodes of Season 1 of Catholic Answers Live television show.

This fast-paced, informative program features penetrating questions from people across the nation and around the world.

Watch experts Jimmy Akin, Tim Staples, Trent Horn, Karlo Broussard and others engage in stimulating exchanges on subjects such as:

  • Why Satan is still around?
  • How does Christ's death restore our relationship with God?
  • How do I stay married despite challenging circumstances?
  • Does God create physical illness?
  • Are the members of any certain religion excluded from Salvation?
  • How can we believe God sends his own people to hell?
  • How can we evangelize without seeming pushy?
  • Why is Mary so effective in battling evil?
  • If there is a God who is merciful, why does he let us keep killing each other?

This two-DVD set of the premier season of Catholic Answers Live TV features lively discussions of these and many other compelling subjects.

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2 DVDs, 280 minutes
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