Catholic Answers Magazine - January/February 2018 Issue

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Catholic Answers Magazine - January/February 2018 Issue

In this issue:

  • Six Keys to Christian Unity by Karlo Broussard -- Recent popes show us practical ways to work so that all believers in Christ might come again to worship as he desires.

  • The Language of Symbols by Holly Ordway  -- Far from being unnecessary extras, the symbols of our Faith enrich our prayer life and help us to grow closer to Christ.

  • Things Saints Never Said by Trent Horn  -- You'd be surprised at the famous saintly quotes that didn't come from saints. Why we should be accurate in our citations.

  • The Heresy of Low Expectations by Eric Sammons - Experience shows time and again that people excel when much is expected of them. So why do we demand so little of believers?

  • And many more articles to help you better understand and share the Faith.