Catholic Answers Magazine - March/April 2016 Issue

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Catholic Answers Magazine - March/April 2016 Issue

In this issue:

  • How to Get the Most Out of Your Bible by Jimmy Akin -- Twelve tools to help you delve more deeply into the most important book in the history of the world.

  • God Chooses to Use Human Intermediaries by Trent Horn -- Where critics go wrong when they rely on 1 John 1:19 to disprove the sacrament Christ gave us for the forgiveness of sins.

  • Can We Evangelize Muslims? by Tim Staples  -- It appears Christians and Muslims are worlds apart, considering what the Quran has to say about the person of Christ.

  • It’s Not Beginner’s Luck by Karlo Broussard  -- Although it’s unsurprising that atheists are trying to find a way around the causal principle, here’s why they’re doomed to failure.

  • And many more articles to help you better understand and share the Faith.