Catholic Answers Magazine - November/December 2012 (e-Magazine)

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Catholic Answers Magazine - November/December 2012 (e-Magazine)
In this issue: Cleaning Up The Horus Manure by Jon Sorensen – Some non-Christians claim that the story of Jesus Christ is cobbled together from the stories about an ancient Egyptian god named Horus. We shovel away the silliness How To Speak To An Atheist by Matt Fradd –Here are helpful ways to answer some typical objections made by atheists to the existence of God. The Dangers Of Reiki by Laura Locke – This "healing" practice is finding broadening acceptance in Catholic circles, but fundamental elements of it are incompatible with the Faith. Are We Gods? by Tim Staples – Our crack apologist explains a troublesome line from the Catechism that says Christ became man "so that we might become God." And many more articles to help you better understand and share the Faith.