Catholic Answers Magazine - September/October 2017 Issue

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Catholic Answers Magazine - September/October 2017 Issue

In this issue:

  • A Timeline of the Reformation by Michelle Arnold -- Wherein you will find you need to know about the order of the major events that sundered Christianity.

  • Remembering The Reformation - Together by Jimmy Akin  -- The recalibrating of their differences by Catholics and Protestants over the past century has led us closer to the possibility of unity than ever before.

  • How The English Cinched The Split by Steve Weidenkopf  -- Continental Protestantism could not have succeeded without Henry VIII’s marital mess driving England in the same deadly direction of dissent.

  • The Reformation's Toxic Fruit by Devin Rose - In a world where religion often pits family member against family member, here is advice about how to heal the wounds of Christian division one soul at a time.

  • And many more articles to help you better understand and share the Faith.