Catholic Answers School of Apologetics: Arguing Against Abortion Home Course - DVD/Workbook

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You may be passionately pro-life, but do you get nervous about sharing your views with pro-choice friends or family members? Do you worry that the conversation will become a heated argument that you’d rather avoid?

That’s why the Catholic Answers School of Apologetics is offering Arguing Against Abortion as a resource to equip you to graciously and persuasively defend the sanctity of human life. In this course you will learn the same techniques Trent uses to engage pro-choice callers on Catholic Answers Live and refute defenders of legal abortion in live, public debates. These include:

  • Maintaining a gracious and peaceful tone
  • Simplifying the issue of abortion
  • Clarifying the evidence for the humanity of the unborn
  • Defending the personhood of unborn children
  • Answering “bodily autonomy” arguments

You’ll also learn how to tackle tough issues like: 

  • Back-alley abortion claims
  • What about in the case of rape?
  • Overpopulation
  • Religious pro-choice arguments
  • The life of the mother

The course contains 30 short, easy-to-watch video segments, so you can study at your own pace.

30 lessons on 1 DVD + Study Guide


Running Time: 1 hours, 45 minutes


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