Catholic Answers School of Apologetics: Introduction to Church History 2 DVD Course

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Some people believe anti-Catholic historical myths and lose their faith or leave the Church. As faithful Catholics, we must be armed with the knowledge of our authentic history to help those lost, angry, or bewildered by historical attacks against the Church.

In this follow-up to Introduction to Church History 1, we will learn about many times of crisis, weak leadership, and the great cleaving of Christian unity but we will also see the times of reform, renewal, and revitalization!  

Here’s some of what you’ll learn about in this course:
•    The Black Death
•    St. Catherine of Siena
•    The Great Western Schism
•    The Fall of Constantinople
•    Martin Luther
•    The Council of Trent
•    The Enlightenment
•    The Second Vatican Council

We’ll learn the real story of many misunderstood and mis-characterized historical events, which will help us gain insight into the past so that we defend our Catholic history from attack and teach it to others.


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Steve Weidenkopf
DVD Course, 38 Lessons
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