Catholic Answers School of Apologetics: Making Sense of the Inquisition Home Course - DVD & Workbook

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There may be no event in Church History so fraught with controversy as the Inquisition. The topic is often used to discredit the Catholic Church, too frequently by people whose own knowledge of the relevant circumstances and events is thin. In The Myth of the Inquisition, you will learn what the Medieval, Spanish, and Roman Inquisitions were, their origins in Scripture and Roman jurisprudence, why they came into practice, and how they functioned.

The student who devotes the time and effort to acquiring a better sense of these events in Church history will be equipped to

-Discuss the Inquisition honestly and irenically.

-Explain that  to medieval man, heresy was no mere difference of opinion, but a dangerous and violent thing that tore asunder the political and cultural life of a Christian kingdom.

-Defend the good motives and often merciful actions of the men and women involved in these events, without feeling the need to justify their periodic excesses.

-Show that the Inquisition not only save souls but also preserved the social fabric of Spain long after most of Europe’s countries were afflicted by Protestant rebellion.

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