Catholicism For Dummies - 2nd Edition

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Fr. John Trigilio, Fr. Kenneth Brighenti
Softcover, 414 pages
Catholicism For Dummies - 2nd Edition

Want to know more about Catholicism?

Catholicism for Dummies presents the rich tapestry and history of the Catholic Church -- from devotions to doctrines.

You'll find within these pages everything you wanted to know about the Catholic Faith:

  • Get the scoop on the Catholic Church's stand on important social issues
  • Explains the deadly sins and the cardinal virtues
  • Who's who in the Catholic Church
  • What it means to be Catholic
  • Practicing Catholicism through devotions
  • And much, much, more...

Fathers Trigilio and Brighenti are co-hosts of the popular series Council of Faith broadcast on EWTN.