Confirmation: Sacrament of Champions

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Marcellino D'Ambrosio
Compact Disc
Run Time:
60 minutes
Confirmation: Sacrament of Champions

Confirmation has been called by some "the Sacrament in search of a meaning." Confusion abounds about what it means, why we need it, and what age is appropriate for its administration.

Confirmation: Sacrament of Champions cuts through the confusion and brings out, in a lively and dynamic way, what the Scriptures and the Catholic Tradition reveal about this powerful anointing of the Holy Spirit.

Illustrating throughout from his own experience, Dr. D'Ambrosio shows how this Sacrament is the key to understanding many dimensions of Catholic truth from the priesthood of the laity, to the call of all Catholics to share the love and truth of Christ, to the unique role of the Bishop as successor of the Apostles.