Defending Distinctive Catholic Doctrines Pack

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This collection will give you what you need to answer the tough questions - About Mary, Sola Scriptura, the Bible, the Papacy, and Purgatory.

  • Purgatory Is for Real: Karlo Broussard definitively tackles this most-misunderstood teaching, giving you the evidence and arguments to see (and explain to others) that purgatory is neither contrary to Scripture nor some fantastical dogma that Rome invented. Rather, it is firmly rooted in biblical truth and the faith and practice of the earliest Christians.
  • 100 Biblical Arguments Against Sola Scriptura: Dave Armstrong gives you a book contains just that — Biblical arguments. These are the kind that you need to get through to a Fundamentalist. After all, if they’re locked into the “Bible only” view, they won’t even listen to appeals from other sources.
  • Behold Your Mother: Tim Staples takes you through the Church’s teachings about the Blessed Virgin Mary, showing their firm Scriptural and historical roots and dismantling the objections of those who mistakenly believe that Mary competes for the attention due Christ alone. Combining the best recent scholarship with a convert’s in-depth knowledge of the arguments, Staples has assembled the most thorough and useful Marian apologetic you’ll find anywhere.
  • Pope Peter: Joe Heschmeyer says that papal flaws are an opportunity to understand what the papacy really means, not to abandon it (or the Church). Drawing deeply on the scriptural and historical witness, he offers a thorough but accessible defense of the papal office and an edifying picture of the extent—and limits—of its authority.
  • Why Catholic Bibles Are Bigger: Gary Michuta looks at the historical record from pre-Christian times to the Patristic era to the Reformation and its aftermath, and traces the canon controversy through the writings and actions of its major players. You’ll be left with a clear picture of the causes of this tragic divide, and you’ll be able to explain and defend the reasons for the full, unabridged Catholic Bible.
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