Evidence For Our Faith

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Little more than a generation ago, apologetics was not a niche pursuit for extra-zealous Catholics—it was an integral part of instruction in the Faith.

Fr. Joseph Cavanaugh’s Evidence for Our Faith is a particular standout from that golden age.

First published in the late 1950s, right before ecumenism replaced apologetics and “comparative religion” crowded out catechesis in too many Catholic institutions, Evidence for Our Faith presents an uncommonly clear and systematic case for the truth of the claims made by Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church.

Originally written as an introductory text for Fr. Cavanaugh’s undergraduates, Evidence returns as an invaluable and enduring resource for Catholics today who want to deepen their understanding of—and ability to explain with confidence—the Church’s divinely ordained identity and authority.

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Recapturing the brilliance and elegance of books from the golden age of apologetics, the new Classics series from Catholic Answers Press is sure to become a cherished part of your home library. Each volume has been hand-picked from our rich inheritance of works that explain and defend the Faith. And just as those classic works have endured, Catholic Answers Classics are durably and beautifully bound with hard cloth covers and heavy paper, designed to delight and edify readers for generations to come.


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Fr. Joseph Cavanaugh
Hardcover, 432 pages
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