God's Love For You

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God's Love For You

A great tool to help non-Christians encounter the truth of the Catholic Faith

In an increasingly skeptical age, many people are searching for answers to life’s biggest questions. Our mission is to help as many as possible find the answers in the saving message of Jesus Christ.

Most of all they will need to know the truth about which Church is the one true Church of Christ and the apostles—and which churches are, tragically, break-offs from the true vine.

To fill this need, Catholic Answers has produced a simple, one-page pamphlet that will be the perfect tool for widespread distribution and evangelization.

God's Love for You is attractive, easy to read, non-confrontational, and very inexpensive!

We want this flyer to blanket the country, and we feel it is the perfect evangelization tool to introduce a non-Christian to the Catholic Church. Order now and start spreading the good news in your neighborhood!