Graphic Novel Two-Pack

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Graphic Novel Two-Pack

Summer is coming….And with it, teens, young adults, and even adult friends and family will find themselves with a lot of free time on their hands.

The good news is that Catholic Answers has something to fill up that free time - two great graphic novels that combine visual excitement and quirky humor with philosophy and theology.

The Truth is Out There and its sequel The Big Picture follow two heroes as they travel through time and space, discovering truths about life, God, the Church, and eventually embarking on an exciting adventure along the timeline of Salvation history

These books are so appealing, we guarantee if you just leave them sitting around, someone in the household will pick them up and read…and better yet, enjoy and learn from them

The Truth Is Out There and The Big Picture are also great catechetical tools for Youth Ministry, College Classrooms, Campus Outreach, High School Programs, RCIA and Parish Family Programs and more!

The Truth is Out There and The Big Picture are available individually, or packaged together here at a very special price.

If you buy the combo pack, we'll also include Free study guides for each Graphic Novel!