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Answering Atheism (Audio)

By: Trent Horn

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In the audio set Answering Atheism, Trent Horn provides a fresh and useful resource for the God debate.

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Answering Atheism (MP3)
Answering Atheism (CD)


Learn how To Share The Good News That God Is Real.

Today’s popular champions of atheism are often called New Atheists. But there’s nothing really “new” about their arguments. They’re the same basic objections to God that mankind has wrestled with for centuries.

We don’t need new answers for this aggressive modern strain of unbelief: We need a new approach.

In Answering Atheism, Trent Horn responds to that need with a fresh resource for the God debate, combining a thorough refutation of atheist claims with a solid case for theism based on reason and common sense. Just as important, he models a charitable approach that respects atheists’ sincerity and good will.

Meticulously researched, and street-tested in Horn’s work as a pro-God apologist, Answering Atheism tackles all the major issues of the debate, including:

• How to reconcile human evil and suffering with the existence of a loving, all-powerful God

• Whether the empirical sciences have eliminated the need for God—or in fact point to him

• Why the atheist symbol of the “Flying Spaghetti Monster” is a flawed analogy for theistic claims

• History’s best arguments for the existence of God—and how to answer objections to them

In a world grown hostile to God, it’s more important than ever to be able to defend him. Listen to Answering Atheism and equip yourself to rebut atheists’ challenges—and to share with them the good news that God is real.


Product Code GRPCA188
Topic Atheism
Format 2 Compact Discs or MP3
Runtime 120 minutes
Publisher Catholic Answers
ISBN 978-1-938983-57-3
Author Trent Horn

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