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Catholic Answers Audio Collection

By: Tim Staples,

By: Patrick Coffin,

By: Jimmy Akin,

By: Stephen Ray,

By: Steve Gregg,

By: James White,

By: Hank Hanegraaff

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Your days are so full of this and that, finding the time to sit down with a book is a difficult time to make. Catholic Answers understands, and we’ve put together a collection of SIX of our very best audio sets at a very special price and are glad to offer the Catholic Answers Audio Collection.



Catholic Answers has put together a collection of SIX of our very best audio sets at a very special price and are glad to offer the Catholic Answers Audio Collection.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Want to become a better apologist but don’t know where to start? Tired of being tongue-tied when your Catholic faith is attacked? Looking for a simple way to start out on the royal road of Catholic apologetics?  In his dynamic, 2-CD set, Getting Started in Apologetics: The Least You Need To Know to Explain the Catholic Faith, Patrick Coffin puts the basics of the art (and science) of apologetics into your hands.

  • The central differences between Catholics and non-Catholic Christians are tackled in The Bible Answer Man Debate, a series of debates between Jimmy Akin, apologist extraordinaire for Catholic Answers, and James White, director of the Evangelical apologetics organization Alpha & Omega Ministries. These informed and articulate speakers draw on Scripture, early Church history, and contemporary theologians to support their views. As moderator Hank Hanegraaff points out, they do so without rancor or ad hominems, enlightening listeners from all Christian traditions.

  • In Catholic Answers To Common Objections you and your non-Catholic friends will be staggered by the mountain of scriptural evidence Tim Staples has compiled to prove the truth of even the most controversial Catholic teachings. Perhaps you've been stumped by questions over the years, and didn't know where to go for answers. Tim has put together well thought out Biblical answers that will make it easy for you to address these questions, and many others – clearly, thoroughly and convincingly.

  • In The Best of Catholic Answers LIVE, Catholic Answers gleans from hundreds of hours of quality air time to present a greatest-hits package.  That’s more than three hours of questions and uniquely Catholic answers on a broad variety of topics. With a smart and charming blend of personal anecdote, biblical proof, the testimony of the early Church fathers, and the hosts’ personal warmth, candor and good humor, The Best of Catholic Answers LIVE could very well be the answer you – or your non-Catholic friends – are looking for when it comes to a concise collection of answers to the non-Catholic world’s toughest questions.

  • In Staples vs. Gregg, Catholic apologist Tim Staples and Evangelical Steve Gregg face-off on these controversial topics: Tradition; The Papacy; The Eucharist; and Mary. Witness a rare glimpse into the conflicting beliefs AND productive dialogue that is possible between Catholics and Protestants. As always, Tim Staples champions the Catholic position on these important issues with clarity, conviction and precision.

  • Listen to the CD set The Sword Of The Spirit for a careful look at what Scripture and the Church Fathers really say about the following topics: Sola Scriptura; The papacy; The Eucharist; Justification ; The communion of saints; and Mary. You'll come away from this crash course in apologetics with all the weapons you need to defend the truths of your faith and to bring others to embrace the same truths!
Product Code AUDBNDL
Topic Apologetics
Format Six Audio Sets
Publisher Catholic Answers
Apparel Large
Author Tim Staples, Patrick Coffin, Jimmy Akin, Stephen Ray, Steve Gregg, James White, Hank Hanegraaff

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