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Catholic Answers to America's Crisis

America Is in Crisis!

The soul of our nation has been battered by one disaster after another: abortion, homosexual “marriage,” loss of faith, hostility to the Church, and more.

But there are answers to America’s crisis.

This six-disc audio set gives you a front-row seat at the sold-out 2013 Catholic Answers Apologetics Conference, with full recordings of its major addresses, including:

  • Karl Keating explains why our civilization is at a turning point—and what will come next.
  • Jimmy Akin tackles the hardest problem of all—why God allows evil in the first place.
  • Tim Staples takes on the problem of moral relativism and the withering effects it has.
  • Chris Check demonstrates why we can’t simply trust politicians to solve the crisis.
  • Trent Horn shows why science is not the ultimate answer to mankind’s problems.
  • Matt Fradd reveals what we must do to fight today’s unprecedented sexual degradation.
  • Bishop James Conley gives the keynote address on the role of beauty in the restoration of Christian culture.

Also included is a special bonus Q&A with the full team of Catholic Answers apologists!

This dynamic audio presentaion is available in several formats. Click on the link below and order your copy today.

Six-Disc CD Set

MP3 Digital Download

MP3 Digital Audio on a Four Gigabyte Flash Drive (while supplies last)


Conference talks are also available for individual purchase. Click on the links below.

Closing Time for Western Civ? by Karl Keating

The Greatest Scandal of All by Jimmy Akin

Black & White in a Gray America: An Apologia for Apologetics by Tim Staples

"Put Not Your Trust in Princes" by Christopher Check

Science: Neccesary But not Sufficient by Trent Horn

Sex-less America by Matt Fradd

Keynote Address by Bishop James Conley