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Catholic Answers Magazine - November/December 2014 Issue

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Many articles to help you better understand and share the Faith.



In this issue:

  • The Truth of the Nativity Story  by Trent Horn  – Disbelievers use seeming conflicts in accounts of the Nativity to discredit the Gospels and even the life of Christ. Here is how to answer the most commonly cited examples.
  • Why Marry Matters by Tim Staples –  How can Catholics call Mary "Mother of God" if she was merely human and Christ was divine? One Protestant writer in particular has it all wrong, and here's why.
  • Is God too Hot to Handle by Jason Shanks – Are Catholics scared to go straight to God with their sins? What good does it do to confess one's trespasses to another human? The answer is, all the good in the world - and beyond.
  • Why Something Rather Than Nothing? by Matt Fradd – The contingency argument claims merely that since the universe does not have to exist, then there must be a reason why it exists. Here's why it is reasonable to assume that reason is God.
  • And many more articles to help you better understand and share the Faith.

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Product Code M1411
Topic Apologetics
Publisher Catholic Answers

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