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Where We Got the Bible: Our Debt to the Catholic Church

By: Bp. Henry Graham

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Learn the origins of the Bible and trace the role of the Catholic Church in compiling, preserving, and revering the Bible throughout history in Where We Got the Bible.

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Where We Got The Bible: Our Debt to the Catholic Church (Softcover Book)
Where We Got The Bible: Our Debt to the Catholic Church (E-Book)


Learn about the history of the Bible and the Church’s important role in preserving it.

Are Catholics anti-Bible?

Who compiled the biblical text?

Who organized the text?

How was the Bible preserved?

What role does the Bible play in the Catholic Faith?

In Where We Got the Bible, Bishop Henry G. Graham explains how the Catholic Church compiled the sacred text, how medieval monks preserved it, and how Catholic scholars first gave Christians the Bible in their own languages. Along the way, Graham refutes myths about Catholic opposition to Scripture.

To his lively history of the Bible is added his conversion story, From the Kirk to the Catholic Church. Brought up a Calvinist in Scotland, Graham became a minister but found himself irresistibly drawn to the Catholic Faith, eventually becoming a bishop.

Also available in Spanish.

Product Code GRPCB027
Topic Apologetics
Format Softcover Book or E-Book
Publisher Catholic Answers
Author Bp. Henry Graham

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