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Jimmy Akin vs Steve Gregg: Debating Differences, Finding Common Ground

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Catholic apologist Jimmy Akin sits down with Evangelical author Steve Gregg in a friendly but lively five-round debate over many of the issues that separate Protestants and Catholics. The subjects are diverse, but they all boil down to the question of how God wants to save us: by revealing his truth, uniting and governing the faithful, justifying us and making us holy, and keeping us in communion with our fellow believers—including those who have gone before.

And despite the real differences, Jimmy and Steve find areas of agreement, too, in hope of building the Christian unity for which Jesus prayed.

Topics include:

  • Authority: What is the role of Scripture and Tradition?
  • The Church: Is it just an “invisible union” of all believers?
  • St. Peter: Did Jesus make him the leader of the apostles?
  • Salvation and the Sacraments: What should we make of the controversy over justification “by faith alone,” and how should we understand sacraments like baptism and the Eucharist?
  • Mary and the Saints: What role should they play in our lives? Should we ask them to pray for us?


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Jimmy Akin, Steve Gregg
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1 Review

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    Absolutely fabulous!!!

    Posted by Sean Patrick Feeley on Jul 3rd 2020

    Loved the civil exchange of positions. Steve is mark up points that make me cringe until I heard Jimmy's response. I'm glad Catholic Answers doesn't shy away from the hard questions and extremely knowledgeable counter points to our faith!!!!!!!

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