Parenting Pack 2021

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Tools for Your Most Important Job


Parents: God gave you the care of little persons with immortal souls, destined for eternal glory with him. This means that raising your kids well and faithfully is the most important job you have.


But don’t be afraid—the Catholic Answers Parenting Pack is here to help you put them on the track to heaven.


This multimedia bundle gives you helpful tools to tackle tricky moral topics with kids, fight their addiction to screens and gadgets, and guide your children from toddlers to teens in ways that will keep them in the Faith for life.

  • Always a Catholic: How to Keep Your Kids in the Faith for Life—and Bring Them Back If They Have Strayed
  • Made This Way: How to Prepare Kids to Face Today’s Tough Moral Issues
  • DVD - Keeping Your Kids Catholic and Happy
  • DVD - Detoxing You and Your Family From Tech
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2 Books, 2 DVDs
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