Pastoral Pack 2021

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When you need solid advice on pretty much anything Catholic, your first inclination is to ask a Priest.

That's why your favorite Catholic bookstore put together this very special package of 5 great books with priestly wisdom on all a variety of topics:

  • Light and Leaven by Bishop Joseph Strickland: In his direct and conversational manner, Bishop Strickland touches on a wide range of topics, including Church renewal in a time of scandal, the central importance of the Eucharist, how to build strong marriages, the need for prayer and silence in a noisy and distracted age, and the battle between good and evil in which all Christians are engaged. He will inspire and edify you with his wise insights, pastoral common sense, and evident love for souls.
  • Demons, Deliverance, and Discernment by Fr. Mike Driscoll: Drawing on his experience as a priest and counselor, and on his research with exorcists, Fr. Driscoll clears up many popular misconceptions about demons and the spirit world and offers sound information and pastoral advice rooted in Catholic tradition
  • Real Religion, How to Avoid False Faith and Worship God in Spirit and Truth by Fr. Jeff Kirby: Popular preacher and professor Fr. Jeffrey Kirby cuts through misguided modern notions—idols, really—about God and religion and takes you back to the foundation for true worship: God’s revelation about himself.
  • Secrets From Heaven by Fr. Sebastian Walshe: Fr. Sebastian Walshe helps you break free from stale and familiar takes on the gospel, giving you new eyes to see and new ears to hear the inexhaustible depths of Christ’s wisdom. The Parable of the Sowers, the Good Samaritan, the Prodigal Son, the woman caught in adultery—all these and more come alive in fresh ways, revealing significant details and nuances, scriptural/historical connections, and testaments to Christ’s rhetorical and pedagogical genius that you’ve never noted before.
  • Radio Replies: Classic Answers to Timeless Questions About the Catholic Faith by Fr. Leslie Rumble: From the Bible to baptism; from Christian morality to the marks of the Church; from the nature of man to the evidence for God in nature; Radio Replies is a one-stop shop for smart and sound information about the Catholic Faith.
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