Relics - Pack Of 50 Tracts

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Package of 50 Tracts
Relics - Pack Of 50 Tracts

Many non-Catholics particularly shy away from the sacramental.aspects of Catholicism—and not from the seven sacraments only.

What they dislike is the mixing of spirit and matter, the gift of something spiritual—grace—by means of physical things. That, after all, is what the sacraments are.

In the sacraments, common material things, such as water, wine, bread, oil, and the imposition of hands, result in the giving of grace.

Related to the sacraments are the sacramentals, objects such as medals, blessed palms, holy water, and ashes.

Their use can lead people to receive or respond to grace. Many non-Catholics wrongly believe that the Church teaches that these sacramentals actually provide grace.

But one of the biggest problems for non-Catholics are the relics of saints—the bones, ashes, clothing, or personal possessions of the apostles and other holy people which are held in reverence by the Church and sometimes associated with miraculous healings and other acts of God.

This tract lays out the Catholic view of relics by taking a look at the actual practices and their roots in Church history and Scripture.

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