Science, God, & Creation: A Summary of the Evidence for God from Science

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In his DVD, Science, God and Creation Father Spitzer shows strong evidence from a variety of sources for the existence of God and how this evidence relates to Jesus Christ.

Topics include:

  • Why Science can't disprove God (but can find lots of supportive evidence); 
  • The Big Bang Theory; 
  • The BVG Proof for a beginning of the universe; 
  • Indications of Supernatural Design; 
  • How the Bible and science can be reconciled; 
  • Evidence for life after death (from peer reviewed medical journals) and even a bit on how we might find aliens.

This single DVD runs 115 minutes and is conveniently broken down into seven chapters. Excellent for High school students through College and adult education.

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Fr. Robert Spitzer
Run Time:
115 minutes
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