The Best of Catholic Answers LIVE (MP3)

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Catholic Answers has put together a dream team of sorts, to field questions on one of Catholic Answers most popular radio programs—Catholic Answers LIVE: Open Forum for Non-Catholics.

Headed up by host Patrick Coffin with the help of apologists Tim Staples, Jimmy Akin, and Stephen Ray, this dynamic program invites non-Catholic Christians, people of other faiths, and atheists alike—to find answers to their questions about the oldest institution on earth—the Catholic Church.

In this powerful audio presentation, Catholic Answers gleans from hundreds of hours of quality air time to present a greatest-hits package: The Best of Catholic Answers LIVE.

That’s more than three hours of questions and uniquely Catholic answers on a broad variety of topics, including:

  • why Catholics pray to Mary and the saints,
  • how God can know everything and yet still give us a free will,
  • what the Church teaches about birth control,
  • how the Church views the theory of evolution,
  • why Catholics believe in purgatory,
  • when and why the Church defined transubstantiation,
  • if Mary was ever-virgin,
  • how Jesus could have “brothers,”
  • what happens to non-Catholics when they die,
  • why Roman Catholic priests and bishops can’t marry,
  • how the Catholic Bible is different from the Protestant Bible,
  • and much, much more.

With a smart and charming blend of personal anecdotes, biblical proof, the testimony of the early Church fathers, and the hosts’ personal warmth, candor, and good humor, The Best of Catholic Answers LIVE could very well be the answer you—or your non-Catholic friends—are looking for when it comes to a concise collection of answers to the non-Catholic world’s toughest questions.

So if your non-Catholic friend has an itch that only a knowledgeable Catholic answer can scratch—or if you find your own questions about certain teachings of the Church have got the better of you—order your copy of The Best of Catholic Answers LIVE today!

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MP3, 180 minutes
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