The Dawn of Christian History: Unveiling the Story of the Early Church

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Jimmy Akin
DVD, 90 minutes
The Dawn of Christian History: Unveiling the Story of the Early Church

Is the Christian Faith Based on a Myths and Lies?

The Christian Faith is under constant attack, with some today claiming that it’s all a myth and we can’t trust what the New Testament says about Jesus and the early Christians.

That’s why Catholic Answers Studios has just released Jimmy Akin’s dynamic new talk, The Dawn of Christian History.

In this powerful presentation, Jimmy reveals:

  • How the ministry of Jesus fits into real history
  • How the early Church got started—and then experienced explosive growth
  • How even tiny details you’ve never noticed mesh together to show that the New Testament is giving us real history
  • How one famous archaeologist—who started as a skeptic—became convinced key New Testament books will “stand the keenest scrutiny” and were written by “a historian of the first rank” (watch the talk to find out who!)

With his characteristic wit and passion as a master storyteller, Jimmy takes you through an exciting detective story that reveals how history supports the Christian Faith.

Jimmy pays special attention to the book of Acts—one of the most important but neglected New Testament books.

Now you can sit down with doubting friends and loved ones and show them why the New Testament is trustworthy—and why the Christian Faith has a solid historical basis.