The Protestant Revolution (DVD)

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October 2017 marked the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, when, as the story goes, Martin Luther nailed a list of his grievances with the Catholic Church (commonly called "The 95 Theses") to the door of All Saints’ Church in Wittenberg, Germany.

In the documentary-style film The Protestant Revolution,  written and narrated by Trent Horn, you will be introduced to Martin Luther and the events that shaped his thinking and led him to “protest” against his Catholic Faith.

The film investigates common myths about the Reformation and the key ideas Luther espoused that resulted in the breaking away of believers and the establishment of non-Catholic Christian religions—ideas still firmly at the heart of modern Protestant theology. These include:

  • Sola scriptura (the Bible is all you need to believe in God and faithfully follow Christ)
  • Sola fide (all you need is faith in God, and works are not necessary for salvation)
  • The canon of Scripture
  • The different conceptions of tradition and the role it plays in salvation

Along the way you’ll hear from top apologists Tim Staples, Jimmy Akin, Karlo Broussard, and Steve Weidenkopf as they unpack the misguided ideas of Luther, leaving you with a clearer understanding of your Protestant brothers and sisters and better equipped to engage them about what separates us and what unites us.

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60 minutes
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6 Reviews

  • 4
    Protestant Revolution

    Posted by John W. Vining on Jun 28th 2021

    I received a defective DVD and I hesitated to even bother with trying to get a new one. Catholic Answers promptly answered me and replaced it. Your attentiveness to your customers is excellent! The content of the Protestant Revolution was good. I was only wishing there was more of it.

  • 5
    Best collection of information

    Posted by Unknown on Mar 8th 2021

    Well organized in what Catholics believe as well as the events against the Church.

  • 5
    Excellent Summary

    Posted by Jose Mendoza on Jul 3rd 2020

    This video was a great introduction into Martin Luther.

  • 5
    The Protestant Revolution

    Posted by Deacon Jeff Burgess on Mar 25th 2020

    This program begins with historical information on the revolt but mainly focuses on Martin Luther and the differences between his teaching on salvation and those of the Catholic Church. An excellent comparison.

  • 5
    The Protestant Revolution

    Posted by Glover Chiasson on Dec 25th 2019

    It was wonderful. Very informative and easy to understand.

  • 3
    The protestant revolution

    Posted by Bree on Nov 15th 2019

    It is good, but I wish it had english subtitles to show it to others

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