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The Shocking Truth About the Pope and the Bible

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Ready for some rock-solid apologetics on the scriptural foundation of the papacy?

Tim Staples is out to prove that the beliefs of the Catholic Church are rooted in Scripture. He accomplishes this task to resounding effect in The Shocking Truth about the Pope and the Bible on the subject of perhaps most heated debate between Catholics and Protestants: papal authority.

Dive in with Staples to discover:

  • What Scripture passages make it clear that Christ bestowed divine authority on Peter as the first pope
  • How to easily cite the mistaken interpretations many Protestants offer to disprove the hierarchy in the Church established by Christ
  • How the Acts of the Apostles is mistakenly used by Protestants to defend their positions
  • The distinction between literal and figurative indications of Peter's divinely ordained office
  • Where to find in each Gospel writer a different, vital defense of the papacy

Packed with solid apologetics, this Four-CD set is the perfect guide for anyone who needs the tools to defend this essential Catholic teaching.

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Tim Staples
4 cd
Run Time:
180 minutes
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