The Third Day

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The Resurrection is the keystone doctrine of Christianity. Without it, the Lord’s Passion and death were in vain; without it, the Faith offers only empty promises.

Today, it’s popular for secularist authors to ridicule the Resurrection as the most absurd myth in a religion full of them. But this was no less the case in the mid-twentieth century, when Arnold Lunn—author and convert-apologist—returned fire on the skeptics of his time with a masterful defense of the miraculous, The Third Day.

Lunn lays bare the weaknesses of materialist critiques, showing how they are based not on reason or evidence but on a prior “act of faith in the impossibility of the supernatural.” He then constructs a rational case for supernatural reality—including God’s miraculous intervention in the world, of which Christ’s Resurrection is the preeminent example.

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Arnold Lunn
221 pages
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