Word on Fire Bible: The Gospels (Softcover)

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The Word on Fire Bible is a groundbreaking new book introducing readers to the strange, colorful world of the Bible.

By surrounding the biblical text with commentary and explanations from Bishop Robert Barron, the Church Fathers, and many of the greatest saints, mystics, and scholars throughout Christian history, The Word on Fire Bible illuminates the biblical text in light of the great tradition.

Four major features set The Word on Fire Bible apart from others on the market:

  • Its purpose is evangelical: This is not a study Bible. Its goal is not merely to transmit historical knowledge or textual insight. It is also not a devotional Bible, offering self-improvement tips. The mission of this Bible is evangelical. It is meant to introduce not mere facts but a person: Jesus Christ. It aims to do that by unveiling Christ throughout each chapter and verse of the Scriptures, leading readers to a life-changing encounter with him.
  • It is intended for new readers of the Bible: The Word on Fire Bible doesn’t presume any experience reading the Bible. It’s designed for people reading the Bible seriously for the first time, who may be unsure of what to make of its many events and characters.
  • It highlights the great tradition: Most Bible resources include commentary from one or a small handful of authors, typically contemporary scholars. This Bible plumbs the depths of the entire tradition of Catholic Christianity, including contributions from many of its greatest saints and scholars from the past two thousand years. The Word on Fire Bible reads the Scriptures “from the heart of the Church,” offering the most colorful and diverse range of commentators currently in print.
  • It showcases the way of beauty: This Bible showcases what Pope Francis calls the via pulchritudinis (the way of beauty). For many people in our postmodern culture—especially the young—an appeal to the true (“Here is what you should believe”) or to the good (“Here is how you ought to behave”) is often a nonstarter, likely to awaken suspicion and defensiveness. But an appeal to the beautiful (“Just look at this”) is more winsome, less menacing. And so this Bible features many striking works of art as well as literary explanations of those pieces—all designed to introduce the seeker to Christ through the aesthetic splendor that he has inspired. 
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Softcover, 592 pgs
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3 Reviews

  • 5
    A Faithful Commentary and Beautiful Presentation

    Posted by Vincent Farrell on Sep 15th 2021

    This was given as a gift and is quite wonderful. The work has beautiful quotes and commentary woven in and around. The way in which different parts are broken down is very useful for study.

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    Word on Fire Bible

    Posted by Elizabeth on Jan 6th 2021

    Excellent study Bible

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    I can't hold onto this Bible

    Posted by Theresa S on Dec 8th 2020

    I keep buying these and giving them away. These are sturdy Bibles that will hold up to much love. Artwork is gorgeous. The commentary is Catholic, but written in a way that is easy to receive by non-Catholics.

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