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20 Answers: Catholic Social Teaching (Digital)

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Where is “Catholic social teaching” found, anyway?

Are all aspects of Catholic social teaching equal important, or can we rank them?

Does the Church tell me how I should vote, or what the best economic or political system is?

How does the Church say that that laity should try to promote and implement Catholic social teaching in the world?

When Jesus inaugurated his kingdom on earth, he taught us to bring heavenly principles to it. And so, for millennia the Catholic Church has contemplated how Christ’s teachings should be applied to society. 20 Answers: Catholic Social Teaching offers a useful introduction to this often misunderstood topic. It explains how Catholic doctrine affects government, economics, the family, war and peace, basic human rights, and interpersonal justice. Just as important, it lays out where this Catholic approach binds us to necessary principles and conclusions and where there is considerable freedom for disagreement.


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Mark Brumley
Ebook, 80 pages
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