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20 Answers: Faith & Works (Digital)

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Does the Bible say we’re saved by faith alone?

Is there a difference between justification and sanctification?

How do Catholics understand the cooperative roles of faith and works in our salvation?

If Christ’s death on the cross was enough to save us, why does the Church teach that some people go to purgatory and need to be saved by “indulgences”?

Perhaps no single theological issue divides Catholics and Protestants, and along so many fine lines, as the question of salvation: namely, are we saved solely by profession of our faith in Jesus, or do our actions (and omissions) play a part? Is it enough to commit ourselves interiorly to Christ, or do we need things like sacraments, sacrifices, and acts of love, too? 20 Answers: Faith & Works gives a short and clearly readable explanation of the basic disagreements, provides a compelling case for the traditional Christian understanding that the Catholic Church professes even today, and holds out hope for increasing unity among all believers on this critical issue.


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Jimmy Akin
Ebook, 74 pages
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