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20 Answers: Scripture And Tradition

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A Twinfold Source of Truth

  • In what forms does the word of God come to us?
  • How do we know that the Bible is inspired, inerrant, and complete?
  • Did the Catholic Church add extra books and “traditions of men” to God’s revelation in Scripture?
  • Why do we need Tradition to help us understand Scripture—doesn’t the Bible teach that it alone is sufficient for salvation?

In 20 Answers: Scripture & Tradition you’ll find smart, solid answers to these questions and many more. 20 Answers: Scripture & Tradition examines the first and most important issue in the Christian faith: the manner in which God has communicated to us the saving truths of the gospel. Only with a confident understanding of authority—sure knowledge of what is revealed truth and what isn’t—can we be certain that we are truly following Christ.

The 20 Answers series from Catholic Answers offers hard facts, compelling arguments, and clear explanations of the most important topics facing the Church and the world—all in a compact, easy-to-read package.

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Jim Blackburn
Softcover, 73 pages
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2 Reviews

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    Scripture and Tradition

    Posted by Dick Neves on Jan 29th 2024

    It provided very good coverage of the topic, especially for a Catholic who has not investigated the role of Tradition in our faith tradition. It could have been a bit more technical for my level of knowledge on the subject.

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    Scripture and Tradition 20 Questions

    Posted by Ki on May 4th 2022

    As a Protestant I was taught that I just needed scripture alone and there was a strong aversion to tradition. This book really helps to provide clarification on what tradition is to the Catholic Church. This book was a great starting point for me to understand the importance of tradition.

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