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Bible Mary - The Mother of Jesus in the Word of God (Digital)

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When it comes to the Catholic Church’s teachings about Mary, there’s one question you hear more than any other: Where is that in the Bible?

Where in Scripture can we find the Immaculate Conception, the Assumption, the Virgin Birth, or support for venerating Jesus’ mother?

The answer? Everywhere.

In Bible Mary: The Mother of Jesus in the Word of God, Fr. John Waiss pulls back the pages of Sacred Scripture to reveal a portrait of Mary that has been hiding in plain sight since the time of Christ.

With the dedication of a man deeply in love with his subject, he gives us the insights and keys we need to understand that Mary is not just a bit player in salvation history or a mere tool of the divine will. Rather, she is the new Eve and glorious God-bearer foretold in the Old Testament and revealed in the New.

Combining rich typology with sound biblical history, Bible Mary shows how Mary is the fulfillment of scriptural images and prophecies. Fr. Waiss also incorporates his personal experience as a priest―in each chapter treating specific Marian questions and challenges that he has dealt with in his ministry. And, intent on making the Catholic case for Mary to all Christians who love biblical truth, he appeals frequently to the growing body of Protestant scholarship that is re-thinking past hostility to Marian doctrine and devotion.

The Bible is God’s written word, telling the story of how he saved his people. God’s mother―prefigured, presented, exalted―is a central player in that story. When we come to understand this truth more deeply, all Christians who love the Bible will also come to love the Lord, his mother, and one another with more ardor.

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Fr. John Waiss
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