Ghosts, Antichrists, Lost Tribes: Catholic Mysteries Explored (MP3)

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These subjects have fascinated people for centuries, and the Bible has a surprising amount to say about each of them.

Jimmy Akin has spent years studying the mysterious, and in this set he shares the results of his studies with you. He and Catholic Answers Live host Cy Kellett look at three enigmas that everyone wonders about, discussing questions such as:

  • Do ghosts exist?
  • How can we tell the ghostly from the demonic?
  • How many antichrists are there?
  • What is the antichrist’s deception?
  • What happened to the “lost tribes” of Israel?
  • Where are those tribes today, and will they ever return to the Holy Land?

With his extensive knowledge of Scripture, Tradition, and the teaching of the Church, Jimmy tackles these mysterious topics with precision and clarity.

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Jimmy Akin, Cy Kellett
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MP3, 2 hours, 32 minutes
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