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Moving Heaven and Earth: The True Story of the Galileo Affair (MP3)

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Given how often the Galileo situation is used as a stick to beat the Church and charge it with being “anti-science,” one might wonder whether it represents the greatest blunder in Catholic history. Certainly you could think that if all you knew were anti-Catholic claims, such as . . .

  • Galileo’s opponents wouldn’t even look through a telescope
  • They refused to acknowledge his discoveries
  • Galileo was tortured to get him to recant his views
  • When he wouldn’t, he was condemned as a heretic
  • The evidence Galileo had conclusively proved the sun was at the center of the solar system
  • The Church was adamantly opposed to the idea that the sun was at the center of the solar system and condemned any discussion of the idea as heretical

But every one of those “facts” is false, and the Vatican’s temporary injunction against printing Galileo’s works was withdrawn within a few decades. The controversy faded from view, but it was destined to come roaring back.

That’s why Catholic Answers president Christopher Check has just produced a new 3-CD set titled Moving Heaven and Earth: The True Story of the Galileo Affair.

In it, he brings his historical expertise to bear and reveals what really happened in the Galileo incident.

This engaging and informative set exposes the dishonesty of  the common account and sifts the truths from the lies, giving you a clear view of these dramatic events. 

You’ll come away with knowledge of the powerful personalities involved and their not-always-perfect motives.

Better yet, you’ll have a solid understanding of what the Church did—and why—allowing you to discuss the Galileo affair with confidence.

Chris gives you all the necessary background:

  • The state of the physical sciences 
  • How the Bible was interpreted
  • Galileo’s personality—his considerable strengths but also his self-destructive temper
  • The one crucial saint in the story—St. Robert Bellarmine—and how history could’ve been different if he’d lived longer
  • How the Protestant Reformation affected events in Galileo’s day
  • How the politics and personalities in Renaissance Italy affected the outcome
  • The little-known errors that Galileo made (You’ll be surprised!)
  • When the sun-centered view was actually proved (Later than you think!)

This dynamic audio set provides a powerful case for the harmony of faith and science, as well as a frank and honest look at the Galileo affair and the mistakes on both sides.

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Christopher Check
MP3, 180 minutes
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    Awesome and Informative

    Posted by Amadeo Baleyos on Dec 22nd 2021

    I just listened to this lecture in just one day and man did I learn a lot from this lecture. I like the way that Mr. Check did on this lecture because it's to listen to not too many complicated words and it's easy to follow and almost everyone interested in this topic can listen to this. Lastly, I have now the necessary weapon to answer objections by our Protestant brothers and sisters on this topic. I highly recommend this lecture

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