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Pure of Heart (MP3)

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Struggling with Pornography?

If you or a loved one are struggling with an attachment or even an addiction to pornography, or if you want to protect your son or grandson from pornography's damaging effects on his psyche and his soul, then you need to listen to Jason Evert's audio series Pure of Heart.

In this audio presentation, Evert reveals:

  • Why men are so tempted by pornography and can so easily get addicted to it
  • The immense psychological and spiritual damage pornography does to those who view it, to the women they love, and to the women they're looking at
  • How any man can beat his addiction to pornography regardless of how many times he has tried and failed in the past
  • How to undo the damage that pornography has done to your relationships, your psyche, and your soul

Put Pornography behind you forever. With Pure of Heart in your corner, you'll finally have the tools, the guidance, and the motivation you need to break free of an addiction to pornography for good.

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MP3, 300 minutes
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