School of Apologetics

School of Apologetics

Catholic Answers School of Apologetics | A Faith You Can Defend Is a Faith You Can Own and Embrace. Explaining and defending the Faith is the duty of every Catholic. Now, you can learn from some of the best minds in Catholic apologetics. Jimmy Akin | Trent Horn | Tim Staples | Karlo Broussard | Christopher Check | Joe Heschmeyer | And Others!

These comprehensive courses are designed to bring you up-to-speed on the fundamentals of Catholic apologetics:

  • Taught by Catholic Answers staff experts and trusted experts associated with the ministry
  • Suited for every type of student, from those seeking basic introductory courses to those seeking high-level, advanced offerings
  • Courses cover a wide range of subjects, including the existence of God; evidences for the Christian faith; responses to attacks on the Catholic Church; and much more!


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