Startling Discoveries from the Very First Christians!

Posted by Catholic Answers on Mar 13th 2019

The Early Christians Provide Us With Some Real Eye-Openers A word from Jimmy Akin... I first began to be aware of the earliest Church Fathers before I was even Catholic. In f … read more

Setting The Record Straight - What Was Hitler’s Religion?

Posted by Catholic Answers Staff on Feb 28th 2019

What Was Hitler’s Religion?Adolf Hitler was one of the most evil figures of the 20th century. His ideology of war and racism led to millions of deaths.What was it that drove him to adopt the abominabl … read more

How Can I Believe In God When So Many Reasonable People Don't?

Posted by Catholic Answers Sraff on Feb 15th 2019

If most intelligent people you know believed something, would you believe it?For many people who don’t believe God exists, this is one reason why: the smart people they know and respect, such as scien … read more

Ten Aids to Mental Prayer

Posted by Catholic Answers on Jan 31st 2019

Ten Aids to Mental PrayerMental prayer is a furnace, in which the watch fires of vigilance are constantly rekindled. Fidelity to mental prayer gives life to all our other pious exercises. By it, th … read more