Talking To Your Young Children About Abortion

Posted by Catholic Answers Staff on May 22nd 2019

The battle over abortion is front and center as more states move to ban the procedure.Last week, Alabama's governor Kay Ivey signed into law the nation's most restrictive ban on abortions.Two weeks ag … read more

False Christs Will Arise

Posted by Catholic Answers Staff on May 16th 2019

Just before he went to the cross, Jesus prophesied that false Christs would arise in the future.Some would perform great signs and wonders in order to deceive, if possible, even God’s elect or “chosen … read more

How Do I Talk to My Teen about "Gender Fluidity"?

Posted by Catholic Answers Staff on May 9th 2019

One of my sons attends a large public high school where it is not uncommon to see kids in various states of “gender fluidity”—but not simply in the sense of “feminine" boys and tomboy girls as I saw b … read more

Would Jesus Christ and AOC Be BFFs?

Posted by Catholic Answers Staff on May 1st 2019

More and more often we hear the term Socialist used in discussions of American politics - Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib ran as Democratic Socialists and made headlines for their congress … read more

The Day That Mom Took Home The Free Bible...

Posted by Catholic Answers Staff on Apr 25th 2019

Dawn Eden Goldstein grew up Jewish, but her mother dabbled in a wide variety of spiritual practices. The day Dawn's mother took advantage of a free Bible offered by a stranger was a turning point in b … read more