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The Case Against Contraception (Digital)

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Is the Church wrong on contraception?

In a world that practically worships the pursuit of sexual pleasure, the Catholic Church’s teaching on contraception can seem unintelligible. Critics say it is outdated, harmful, and theologically unfounded and even faithful Catholics can have difficulty explaining this moral teaching.

That’s why Catholic Answers Studios is releasing Trent Horn’s DVD, The Case Against Contraception. In this dynamic presentation, Trent reveals:

  • The logical case against contraception rooted in natural law principles that can be known from reason alone
  • The uniform condemnation of contraception in scripture and Church history
  • The real story behind the infamous pontifical “birth control commission” that recommended Pope Paul VI change the Church’s teaching on contraception
  • Answers to common objections against the Church’s teaching and evidence that contraception has had a negative impact on women and society
  • How families can space the births of their children without relying on intrinsic evils like contraception or abortion

Using natural law, Scripture, papal and magisterial teaching, and new insights provided by social science and medicine, Trent puts forward a compelling case with charity and persuasive graciousness.

As we pass the fiftieth anniversary of Humanae Vitae and critics continue to attack its reaffirmation of the Church’s teaching on contraception, this presentation will give you the tools to explain why the Church is unabashedly always on “the side of life.”



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