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The Chastity Collection (MP3)

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Apologist Trent Horn conducts twelve dynamic interviews with some of the country’s leading experts on issues related to chastity.

You’ll learn how to answer young people’s questions, how to discuss tough issues like contraception and homosexuality, and how to chastely live out your own vocation.

Interviews include:

  • What is Chastity? with Steve and Becky Greene
  • What is Theology of the Body? with Katrina Zeno
  • Talking to Kids About Chastity with Dr. Greg Popcak
  • Why Marriage Matters with Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse
  • Authentic Manhood with Fr. John Parks
  • Authentic Womanhood with Melanie Pritchard
  • Dating without Drama with Mary Beth Bonacci
  • What Your Doctor Should Have Told You with Dr. George Delgado
  • Chastity Within Marriage with Jim Blackburn
  • Homosexuality with Fr. Paul Check
  • Confronting Contraception with Damon Owens
  • Overcoming Pornography with Matt Fradd

In a culture that rejects the goodness of God’s plan for our sexuality, this is a collection that’s not to be missed!

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MP3, 720 minutes
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