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The Essential Catholic Survival Guide: Answers to Tough Questions About the Faith

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  • Arm yourself against anti-Catholic attacks with The Essential Catholic Survival Guide—your go-to resource for defending the faith anytime, anywhere.
  • Discover The Essential Catholic Survival Guide: 70 top apologetic tracts in one comprehensive book, answering questions about the Catholic faith effortlessly.
  • Defend your Catholic beliefs with ease using The Essential Catholic Survival Guide—indexed and organized for quick answers to any question.
  • The ultimate Catholic apologetics resource is here: The Essential Catholic Survival Guide covers everything from Scripture to anti-Catholicism.
  • Equip yourself with The Essential Catholic Survival Guide—a must-have for every Catholic’s home library, tackling misconceptions about the faith head-on.
  • Simplify Catholic apologetics with The Essential Catholic Survival Guide—your handbook for navigating questions on morality, sacraments, and more.
  • Combat doubts and misconceptions with The Essential Catholic Survival Guide—a practical, indexed manual for defending your faith effectively.


Being Catholic isn't easy.  Every Catholic will come face-to-face with anti-Catholic attacks that are launched against the Faith.  Don't you owe it to yourself to make sure you have the very best in apologetic resources right at your fingertips?

There’s no better time to arm yourself with what we consider a must for every Catholic’s home library… The Essential Catholic Survival Guide.

By compiling seventy of our best apologetic tracts into one cohesive, comprehensive book that can be used by anyone, anytime, anywhere to defend the Catholic faith, we’ve created what many consider the “go-to” resource when it comes to answering questions about the Faith.

The Essential Catholic Survival Guide is indexed according to topic in a unique "question and answer" format that allows the reader to find the right answer to any question instantly.

It covers the questions and misconceptions people have about the Catholic faith on a variety of topics, including:

  • The Church and the papacy
  • Scripture and Tradition
  • Mary and the saints
  • The sacraments
  • Salvation
  • Last things
  • Morality and science
  • Anti-Catholicism
  • Non-Catholic churches and movements
  • Practical apologetics

It's the essence of Catholic apologetics—all rolled up into one attractive, easy-to-use manual that has gained a reputation as the most effective tool of its kind.


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Softcover, 533 pages
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15 Reviews

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    Posted by Peter J. Bertini on Oct 30th 2023

    Suits my requirements

  • 5

    Absolutely Essential!

    Posted by Paul Curry on May 5th 2023

    As the title states, this is THE essential handbook every Catholic should own. I can't rate this highly enough. It covers almost every topic you can imagine, indispensable to those venturing into apologetics, and also as a guide to the faith. Pretty much every question you can think of is answered here, whether it's to answer a Protestants objection or just for your own Catholic development. If you don't own any other apologetics books, then start with this one.

  • 5

    The Essential Catholic survival guide

    Posted by Tim on Mar 17th 2021

    This book is a must read as it not only explains our Catholic faith but opens your eyes to other Christian faith and to false teachings from cults. This is a must read for anyone, Catholic and non Catholic alike. Great resource.

  • 5

    Catholic Tradition .

    Posted by Richard G. Furlott on Mar 16th 2021

    As a former S.D.A. all Catholics had to them was Tradition.We have : 2 Thess 2:15 ; to answer that !

  • 5

    The Essential Catholic

    Posted by Bob Buras on Mar 16th 2021

    Great and easy to understand.

  • 5

    Great reference book

    Posted by Don LeGrave on Jan 4th 2021

    I borrowed this book from a friend. Had it for over a year and it was time to return it but I a did not want to be without it so I bought my own copy.

  • 5

    The Essential Catholic Survival Guide

    Posted by ROBERT GOTTSCHALK on Sep 21st 2020

    This book is packed with great information.

  • 5

    Great resource

    Posted by Adam on Sep 18th 2020

    Great one stop book for many of the non Catholic questions about the faith.

  • 5

    The Essential Catholic Survivor Guide

    Posted by Nancy C Mcvey on Jun 16th 2020

    This book has helped me a great deal. I believe this book is ideal for both new and practiced catholics. I highly recommend this book to all followers of Christian beliefs.

  • 4

    Great resource

    Posted by James LeBlanc on May 26th 2020

    The book provides basic information to confront common misconceptions about the Catholic Church.

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