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Why We're Catholic: Our Reasons For Faith, Hope, And Love (Case of 20 Books)

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  • Why We're Catholic | Author, Trent Horn is a staff apologist for Catholic Answers who specializes in teaching Catholics to graciously and persuasively engage those who disagree with them. Trent has a master's degree in theology from Franciscan University of Steubenville and a graduate degree in philosophy from Holy Apostles College. He is the author of many books including: Answering Atheism, Persuasive Pro-life, and Hard Sayings: A Catholic Approach to Answering Bible Difficulties.
  • Author Leila Miller provides a review on Trent Horn's Why We're Catholic.
  • Jason Evert, author, provides a review on Why We're Catholic by Trent Horn
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Wouldn’t it be great to have a book to give non-Catholic or ex-Catholic friends and family to explain exactly why we believe what we believe?

The good news is that now there is!

Why We’re Catholic is the groundbreaking resource by apologist Trent Horn – that one, general book you can hand to anyone as a starting point for helping them find their way into, or back to, the practice of the Catholic Faith.

In a series of short, easy to read chapters, Trent covers the whole range of common topics, starting with why we believe in anything at all and answering all the common objections to the Catholic Faith—both doctrinal and moral.

Don’t miss out on the most important, life-changing book to come along in years! 

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Trent Horn
Case of 20 Softcover Books
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37 Reviews

  • 5

    Great for Young & Old

    Posted by John T on May 28th 2024

    A simple, thorough, concise explanation of our faith. We bought them for the 8th graders at our children's school.

  • 5

    RCIA Distribution Use

    Posted by Mark Flusche on Feb 13th 2024

    We are giving a copy of this book to each of the students in the RCIA class at the upcoming retreat. It addresses numerous common student questions at a high level since the page count is necessarily limited. Those individuals seeking greater depth can be directed to other sources for more details. This book is an excellent resource in itself.

  • 5


    Posted by Noah on Jan 5th 2024

    Very good!

  • 5

    Bulk purchase

    Posted by Catholic Bard on Oct 30th 2023

    Purchasing these books in bulk allows to share our faith at an economic scale.

  • 5

    Great Resource for the Catholic Faith

    Posted by Jose Antonio Gallardo on Oct 3rd 2023

    This is the fourth time I have purchased multiple cases of these books for my Confirmation class. It is a great resource for young and old to learn the basics of why we believe what we believe as Catholics. I pass them out liberally to share our faith with others.

  • 5

    Easy to read and encourages one to learn one's faith

    Posted by Gwenn on Sep 12th 2023

    So far I've ordered 3 boxes to hand out to family, friends,neighbors and prisoners to encourage people to know their faith. I always explain that this book is written at a layman's level with an irenic tone and with a touch of humor. The author uses stories and examples to make his point. He begins with the broad question of: why believe anything and chapter by chapter narrows from "Is there an afterlife to there being one God to Jesus and a need for salvation to Christianity and then narrows to Catholicism.

  • 5

    Great for RCIA and all Catholics!

    Posted by Michael Picard on Aug 31st 2023

    This book clearly lays out the faith in a systematic yet easily readable format. It is a great resource for RCIA candidates and for those who are Catholic and have not yet thought deeply about why we believe what we believe as Catholics.

  • 5

    Why We're Catholic

    Posted by Joe Pickett on Jul 13th 2023

    Trent Horn has hit this out of the ballpark! This book has answers for all the questions that Catholics and Protestants have about our faith, what we believe and why and where did this belief come from. We were looking for a new home, and lo and behold, this book was on the kitchen table, we believed this was a sign, and we bought the house! God bless Trent Horn and his family!

  • 5

    A very good primer written in user friendly language

    Posted by Barbara Charuba on Mar 25th 2023

    I am sharing this book around and praying for a lot of good fruit!

  • 5

    perfect :)

    Posted by annabel on Mar 2nd 2023

    i’m so happy i now have these books on hand to give out whenever the situation calls for it. i can’t wait to show others the truths of the catholic faith!

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