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Two Apologetics Classics for a very special price!

  • In A Daily Defense, Senior Apologist Jimmy Akin compiles 366 challenges that Catholics often hear from skeptics and non-Catholics—about God, Jesus, Scripture, morality, Mary, history, and a host of doctrines—and teaches you how to answer them. Combining deep learning with decades of experience explaining Catholic belief and practice on a popular level, he cuts to the heart of each subject, offering pithy but powerful replies that are both effective and easy to master.
  • In Meeting the Protestant Challenge, Apologist Karlo Broussard gives you the knowledge and tools you need to answer fifty of the most common Bible-based objections to Catholicism. Karlo provides a step-by-step plan for understanding the roots of the objection, breaking down the context and full meaning of the Scripture passages, anticipating followup arguments, and offering your own friendly counter-challenge to help Protestants begin to see how the Bible and Catholic teaching actually coexist in harmony.

Are you serious about apologetics? Make sure to pick up these must-have volumes while they're available at this very special price.

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