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Meeting The Protestant Challenge (Digital)

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Every Catholic has heard the challenge:

“How can you believe that? Don’t you know the Bible says…”

It’s a challenge we have to meet. If we can’t reconcile apparent contradictions between Scripture and Catholic teaching, how can our own faith survive? And if we can’t help our Protestant brothers and sisters overcome their preconceptions about “unbiblical” Catholic doctrines and practices, how will they ever come to embrace the fullness of the Faith?

In Meeting the Protestant Challenge, Karlo Broussard gives you the knowledge and tools you need to answer fifty of the most common Bible-based objections to Catholicism.

  • How can the Mass be a sacrifice when the Bible says it’s just a memorial?
  • Why do Catholics stress good works when the Bible says we’re saved by faith?
  • Scripture says that all have sinned—so what Catholics believe about Mary being “immaculate” is plainly false.
  • Jesus said to call no man father, yet that’s what Catholics call their priests! How much clearer could it be?

For these challenges and many more, Karlo provides a step-by-step plan for understanding the roots of the objection, breaking down the context and full meaning of the Scripture passages, anticipating followup arguments, and offering your own friendly counter-challenge to help Protestants begin to see how the Bible and Catholic teaching actually coexist in harmony.

Don’t get caught off guard! When the next biblical challenge comes, be ready to meet it with confidence.


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Karlo Broussard
eBook, 192 pages
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4 Reviews

  • 5


    Posted by Cassidy Cooper on May 31st 2022

    Really enjoying this as an inquiring Protestant!

  • 5

    Very useful and easy for learning how to defend the Catholic faith!

    Posted by Lionel on May 13th 2021


  • 5

    Excellent Apologetic Work

    Posted by Todd on Jan 23rd 2021

    Mr. Broussard does a phenomenal job of presenting various challenges to Catholic theology, demonstrating why they are superficially logical, then respectfully exposing shortfalls in logic and theology to show why the objections falls short. Highly recommended!

  • 5

    Meeting protestant challenge

    Posted by Tadeusz on Jul 22nd 2020

    Great book. Easy, accesible language. Covers lots of topics. Carlo is one of my favorite apologists. God bless him and His family.

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