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Catholic Answers Conference 2021: WHo Do You Say That I Am? (MP3)

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You've got a front row seat for the 2021 Catholic Answers National Apologetics Conference, with talks by:

  • Jimmy Akin: Who Does He Say That We Are
  • Tim Staples: Did Jesus Christ Have the Beatific Vision?
  • Trent Horn: How to Spot a Counterfeit Christ
  • Sister Maris Stella: Unleashing Love: Jesus Revealing the Dignity of the Human Person
  • Fr. Paul Check: The Gospel Call to Greatness
  • Paul Gondreau: Truly Human, Fully Male: Christ the Model of Manhood
  • Joe Heschmeyer: Who Does He Say That We Are: A Christological Answer to Identity Politics
  • Karlo Broussard: The Miracles of Jesus: Fact or Fiction?
  • Fr. Paul Check: Our Lady of Hope
  • Bishop Joseph Strickland: He is With Us!
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